Space & Satellite Communications

Using our 35 years’ experience in satellite communications systems and applications, we advise clients on system solutions, ranging from small VSATs to complex communications networks of land, sea and air terminals in the defence & security, oil & gas, mineral & exploration and other demanding sectors.

  • feasibility studies
  • independent assessments
  • case history investigations
  • competitive solutions
  • system upgrades
  • logistic support

Our projects range from advanced mobile satellite communications terminals now in service with European armed forces, to complex ground station and supporting infrastructure. We  refresh existing installations to extend service lifetime and enable new capability. We source equipment from some of the worlds’ leading manufacturers, and we have access to world class expertise for the development of innovative and competitive solutions.

In addition to traditional communications and broadcasting applications, we work with clients to provide a range of surveillance and monitoring data, navigation and positioning information, M2M telemetry and control information.